into the open country

embrace adventure

We live unattached* and unhindered in the open country. We don't seek to own or possess anything but an eternal prize- a life in harmony with the Spirit of God.

out of the comfort zone

We like real, we embrace mess, the grass between our toes. Decay and new life. We listen, we share, we respond. We live in the open.

a mosaic

We love people. We don't expect them to conform to our image, but together in diversity, we follow the example of Jesus. A mosaic of shattered pieces, equal, colourful, committed.

wander with purpose

We live, gather and worship in the open country. We are quick to go where the Spirit leads. We wander together, responding in love to those we encounter on the way.

start where you are

Get in touch to ask questions, get involved or to continue an adventure of faith, belonging and purpose with us.